Is Glutamine the Cheapest Supplement?

Glutamine PowderAs everybody who is involved with athletics and fitness is well aware, supplementation technology and options have skyrocketed in the past 10 years. This explosion of nutritional options has made it difficult for the casual athlete to fully understand how all of the available products work to aid their development. Equally important, it has become difficult to determine whether a supplement is worth the financial cost associated with it.

Since there are so many options available at a wide range of price points, athletes are often required to determine which products maximize their performance while fitting into their budget. There simply is not enough money in most budgets to acquire every single supplement option on the market. However, there is one supplement that offers significant benefits for a low cost. That supplement is glutamine, and it is arguably the cheapest supplement available when considering both total cost and the benefit for that cost.

Total Cost

As with all supplements, glutamine comes in a variety of forms and at a variety of prices. However, the most common form of this supplement is in powdered form. A carton of this powder can often be purchased at a rate of 300 grams for around 10 dollars. Depending on additional components and quality ratings, that price can be higher. However, it is a good baseline for considering the total financial investment associated with using glutamine.

Typical dosages for glutamine involve 500 milligram doses at a rate of 1 to 3 times per day. This allows for a maximum intake of 1.5 grams each day. At that rate, a carton of glutamine will allow for an athlete to have doses of glutamine available for 200 days, assuming they are using the product 3 times each day. This calculates to approximately 5 cents per day. Since protein powders can often require athletes to pay anywhere from 1 to 4 dollars each day, this is a substantially cheaper product. Even at bodybuilders doses of 15 grams per day, the cost is only 50 cents per day for the product.

Cost For Overall Benefit

Glutamine is obviously inexpensive, but that is irrelevant if the product supplies little benefit to an athlete or bodybuilder. However, that is not the case. Studies have shown that 2 grams of glutamine can increase the body’s secretion of human growth hormone by up to 400%. Also, since over 61% of the body’s skeletal muscle is composed of glutamine, it certainly facilitates muscle growth.

It is also particularly useful for people who are in a dieting phase, or are otherwise cutting down on overall body fat. Since the growth of muscle is hindered or even impossible when on a calorie deficit, glutamine can often help mitigate the effects of muscle loss during a weight loss phase. When compared to the price of diet supplements for weight loss, glutamine can often be cheaper by a factor of 10. This makes it the cheapest supplement for both dieting and training by far.