How to Pick the Best Glutamine Supplement

Glutamine PowderGlutamine is an amino acid. It is commonly found in a large amount of foods that contain a high level of protein. Many types of beans, fish and red meats are examples of some of these foods. Dietary supplements that contain glutamine can help the body to build and maintain muscle mass, enhance mental function and they can help to control glucose levels in the blood. Because of these benefits, there are large numbers of people who use glutamine supplements as a way of helping them to get in shape. However, many people are unsure which one to choose. There are two different types of glutamine supplements to choose from. Each one of them offers its own specific benefits.


Glutamine powder is one of the very popular glutamine supplements. Its primary benefit comes from the fact that is extremely easy to combime and mix it with any kind of liquid that you choose. By mixing this powder with fruit juice, the enhancement of mental clarity is possible through the obtaining of many essential nutrients. Energy can also be obtained if the person plans on performing a strenuous activity or exercising. A person will start to experience the benefits of the nutrient soon after he or she finishes the drink. This is because the nutrient is in liquid form.


A glutamine capsule is another type of glutamine supplement. This is an easy and simple way for a person to ingest glutamine. It does not give a person the quick boost of energy that is available by taking the powder supplement. However, the capsule provides the benefit of releasing glutamine into your body during the entire day. This can be helpful if you have a job that is going to require you to be focused and alert for many hours at a time.

Which one is the best?

You may be wondering which of these supplements provides the most nutrition to your body. In reality, both the capsule and powder glutamine supplements provide the same level of nutrition. The difference is in the way the nutrition is distributed throughout your body. Which supplement you choose should depend on the reason that you feel it necessary to consume extra glutamine. If you need something to help regulate your blood sugar and keep you sharp and focused throughout the day, you should consider taking the capsules. If you exercise a lot and you need something to give you a boost in energy to help you maximize your workout, the powder combined with a liquid that is rich in nutrients is the best solution for you.

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The good news is that finding either one of these supplements is not a difficult thing to do. Both the capsule and powder supplements can be purchased in any store that sells vitamin supplements. Vitamin shops and health food stores are safe bets to have both supplements in stock. Of course, you can also get the supplement through Amazon at the link above, which is the easiest and cheapest way to do it! If you are still not sure which one you should use, give the capsules a try for a few weeks. If they are not working for you and you need a little extra energy boost, start to take the powder. The end result should be improved mental clarity and feeling healthier in general.