Glutamine Benefits for Men

[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”left” asin=”B000SSR976″ cloaking=”default” height=”160″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”yes” src=”” tag=”lglutamineb08-20″ width=”160″]When looking through the long list of supplements designed for men, it can be difficult to understand exactly how these products work and what affect they will have on an individual’s body. This includes L-Glutamine that is not only used within the field of medicine, but is now available as an over-the-counter supplement with a wide variety of benefits.

Whether one is attempting to improve their athletic ability, protect the metabolic processes going on inside them, or simply would like to live an overall healthier life, here is a closer look at what exactly this supplement is and how it benefits the body.

A Closer Look at Glutamine

In order to understand exactly how powerful glutamine can be as a supplement, it is essential to know what this substance and where it can be found. Glutamine is a naturally-forming amino acid and is one of the most common ‘building blocks’ within an individual’s body. Studies have shown it to aid in a variety of processes throughout the body ranging from the immune system to one’s metabolism.

The material found within glutamine is needed by the body in order to produce and regulate other important chemicals such as other amino acids and sucrose. Within most individuals, naturally-occurring glutamine is made and stored in the lungs and in muscles throughout the rest of the body. From these two locations, glutamine is transported to wherever it is needed such as the intestines, bloodstream, or other organs.

Glutamine for Recovery

Doctors will often prescribe or suggest the use of glutamine to many patients that have undergone any form of trauma. This includes patients that are either recovering from an operation or struggling with a debilitating disease. These studies have shown that L-glutamine taken intravenously and orally during the recovery period showed improved signs of nitrogen dispersion throughout the body and more efficient protein synthesis.


Many of the same benefits that have been studied within the field of medicine also apply to the daily lives of men that are simply looking to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. One place that glutamine is often found within the body is the upper and lower intestines. Glutamine is pivotal in the balance of acids and bacteria during the metabolic process that will allow the body to more efficiently breakdown protein and fats after ingestion.

Stimulating Muscle Growth

After an intense workout, one’s body will continue to struggle with the damage done to the muscles for hours or even days. This is due to the microscopic tears in the muscle and the body’s inability to get adequate amounts of nitrogen to where it is needed. For those that take L-Glutamine before a rigorous training session, the body’s supply of naturally-occurring glutamine will not drop as low and the damage to the muscles will be reduced. This will also improve the recovery time after lengthy period of difficult exercise such as long-distance running.

The Immune System

For those that are serious athletes and putting their body under extreme conditions, such as constant races, games, or workout sessions, the body’s immune system will be under an incredible amount of stress. Instead of antibodies being produced, much of the energy that is created will be devoted towards repairing muscles and increasing muscle mass. This is why the infection rate among athletes is very high. In multiple double-blind studies, taking L-Glutamine supplements regularly will decrease one’s risk of a serious illness while training. It will also prevent the bacteria within one’s intestines to seep through the intestinal walls and into their blood stream, further increasing infection rates.