Does Glutamine Work?

Glutamine PowderGlutamine is one of the most important elements in the training of athletes and bodybuilders. It is also one of the elements that are overlooked most often. Many people question whether or not glutamine works and whether or not they should add it to their training routines. You should no longer doubt the powers of glutamine for helping you achieve your greatest muscular strength, endurance, and appearance. It will help you in all aspects of your training from recovery to stamina. Glutamine works with the body in several ways to maximize benefits from strength training and bodybuilding. Here are the reasons why glutamine works and why you should use it.

Muscle Composition

Doctors that study he body’s composition know that glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your skeletal muscles. They estimate that about 61 percent of the total composition of muscular tissue is made of glutamine. Glutamine itself is composed of 19 percent nitrogen, and this means that glutamine is responsible for fueling the muscles with the nitrogen compound. Your muscles need nitrogen to build muscles, especially after rigorous workouts.

Keep Glutamine Levels High

It’s necessary to keep glutamine levels high before, during, and after your workout sessions. When you lift heavy weights or perform rigorous exercise, your muscles lose a lot of the glutamine. This will prevent you from recovering as quickly as you can. Some people take up to six days to completely replenish their glutamine levels from their body’s natural regenerative processes. That’s not good enough for serious athletes and weightlifters. Glutamine supplements speed up the healing process so that every session leads to results.

Secretion of Human Growth Hormone

All people naturally secrete Human Growth Hormone (HGH) when they partake in muscle-building activities. The more HGH one produces during exercise, the more fat their body can metabolize. This is essential for people who are trying to cut their body fat percentage without losing too much muscle mass. The HGH levels also support muscle growth, and glutamine supplements increase the amount of HGH you produce when you lift weights.

Preventing Muscle Breakdown

You don’t want your body to break the muscles down and start eating the muscle cells when it needs food. Glutamine supplements prevent your muscles from breaking down after workouts when your body is at rest. Protein metabolism also helps your body to avoid using the muscle cells. Glutamine increases the ability of the body to fuel the muscles with protein in order to metabolize it into muscle growth. Glutamine will help your body use more of the protein you eat and drink by getting it into your muscles before your body can get rid of it.

Quick Video

As just a bit more proof, here is a video from one of Youtube’s leading fitness experts:

Final Word

Glutamine is definitely a supplement that more bodybuilders should take. It will help in every aspect of training. You will notice more energy during your workouts because your body recovered more fully from the last one. Take glutamine today and discover more results than you thought possible.

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