L-Glutaminebenefits.com is a website dedicated to helping athletes and health conscious people to better understand l-glutamine and it’s many benefits.

L-Glutamine is manufactured by our own bodies within the muscles and is one of the main naturally occurring amino acids required to maintain health and vigour.

For athletes and body builders, to improve recovery after intense workouts or training decreases the risk of illness during periods of heavy or sustained training.

L-Glutamine helps to regulate glucose within the body and indirectly helps with weight loss and lean muscle growth.

During times of stress such as intense training or poor health, l-glutamine can help by reducing anxiety, depression, low energy and unhealthy cravings for sugars and alcohol.

It boosts the digestive system and reduces the risk of peptic ulcers by protecting the lining of the intestines.

When the body can’t get enough l-glutamine, the muscles are affected first.  Because of this fact, athletes and body builders are well acquainted with l-glutamine benefits.  This is particularly so with vegetarian athletes or people with a low protein diet as it improves the synthesis of protein, thereby optimizing the available protein within their diet.

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